Monster Slaughter Clown Family

Hi everyone,
Monster Slaughter is a beautiful board game edited by Ankama I had the chance to work on.
Introducing now the Monster Clown family
Have a good week, other characters coming soon !

Monster Slaughter © Ankama
Crédits :
3D modeling & textures : Damien Levaufre (
Artistic direction : Alexandre Papet & Thomas Choux (
2D concept : Eduard Guiton
Color concept : Kim Etinoff (
Music : Benjamin Nalepa (
You can discover the full project on Kickstarter here :

Damien levaufre clown family n b
Damien levaufre ms clowns turn ortho
Damien levaufre ms clowns colors

Monster Slaughter Clown Mum

Damien levaufre the clown mother face
Damien levaufre the clown child front
Damien levaufre clown wip 06