Art toy : Allegorithmic

Hi everyone !
Today Allegorithmic launches an Art Toy customization competition and I had the honor to design the model.
I'm looking forward to discover the artworks of the contestants.
Don't hesitate if you wish to apply, the awards are really nice :)

Damien levaufre 03 mat
Damien levaufre art toy 01 rendu01
Damien levaufre art toy 02 rendu01
Damien levaufre art toy 02 rendu03

Turn Mat

Damien levaufre meet mat
Damien levaufre 01 mat

Nice surprise today, I have received my vinyl artoy of Mat the character I've designed for Allegorithmic. The quality and packaging are great. I love it, big thanks to Pierre Maheut and the Allegorithmic team for this nice collaboration:)  

Damien levaufre 02 mat
Damien levaufre 04 mat
Damien levaufre damien levaufre fisherman