The Frog

For you today a workflow of «The frog » a figurine modelled on 3ds Max I've designed for the fun of it. I've used the same technique than my « Papybear » figurine tutorial (in french) that explains how I construct a cartoon character on 3ds Max and my rendering method on Keyshot. The video is boosted (x10) I hope it will not be too fast to get the essence of my method. I join some references so you can have a more detailed view. Enjoy !

Modeling + textures : Damien Levaufre

Credits_music :
Musique Générique : Jonathan Wachoru aka J.i.Ms :
Music by CMAMusic :

Damien levaufre frog 18
Damien levaufre frog 48
Damien levaufre frog 124
Damien levaufre frog 1
Damien levaufre wireframe

The Frog

Damien levaufre frog steep